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A warning to all or any developers. Don’t get cocky.

The money is totally crazy in software development. It’s bonkers. you’ll command ridiculous salaries and total compensation.

The reason why: developers generate outsized value for his or her companies. within the game of economics, developers kick off o.k.. Since software is reusable, the code we create is incredibly valuable if it solves a true problem.

But that doesn’t mean you’re more valuable to society.

Society’s needs

Reality check: society doesn’t need software.

The computer may be a recent invention. We got along just fine before computers. Sure, software is sweet to have! But it’s not a fundamental need of society.

Teachers, nurses, and truck drivers have more essential roles. we want them so as for our society to continue functioning. This week, with a railroad worker strike looming within the us, that’s becoming readily apparent.

These professions contribute far more to society, but in ways in which are difficult to capture in economic terms.

Great jobs

Software development could be a cushy job.

Of course, there are times when you’re responding to an occurrence or under a deadline. the duty will be stressful in some moments.

But overall, working as a software developer may be a luxury. You command a high salary in exchange for low-stress, white collar work. It’s a privilege to play with computers all day. Getting paid a lot to try and do it’s even better!

This job is awesome, and you’d be crazy or naive to suggest otherwise.
These professions contribute far more to society, but in ways in which are difficult to capture in economic terms.


This isn’t a diatribe against software developers. I’m one among them!

Don’t misunderstand me, either. this text isn’t about being the woke police and shaming developers for creating such a lot while doing so little. I’m not here to wave your privilege in your face and cause you to feel bad.

Instead, I’m hoping to instill a way of gratitude in my fellow developers.

It’s only too common to listen to developers complaining about their jobs. That’s normal. Everyone complains about their job sometimes. But, it can come off especially tone deaf coming from a well-paid developer who doesn’t have many real, deep problems.

Different background

Many times, the tasteless comments come from developers who haven’t done the rest.

If you visited school and so immediately started doing software development, then the salaries and simple jobs seem normal to you. There’s no shame if this was your path.

Just take a flash to second-guess your assumptions, that’s all.

I took a circuitous route to software development through working in restaurants, education, construction, nonprofits, freelance, and traveling the globe. I ought to see lots in those various experiences. Enough to create me really thankful for the relative comfort and stability I now have.

Consider this a manifesto. Our jobs are great and we’re fortunate to own them. Let that be the inspiration of gratitude for building your developer career.