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Grab a coffee and be able to navigate between many useful resources which will facilitate your improve your developer’s skills.

In this today’s article, we’ll share 5 GitHub repositories with you. Not all of them are super-known, and that they can facilitate your grow as a developer by learning, practicing, and reading.

Let’s start with the primary one!

Awesome Roadmaps

The programming world is vast, and lots of have already asked themselves: “Where should I start if i need to become a [choose a technology] engineer?”.

This GitHub repository curates an inventory of the many topics roadmaps categorized by topics: artificial language, web development, mobile development, AI, and even more!

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Free Programming Books

Every article of this kind mentions this repository, and that we should do the identical.

Indeed, this repository lists many programming books freely accessible online. On top of that, there are some for each language and on many topics.

Enjoy your reading!

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App Ideas

One of our favorites! have you ever ever wondered what project to create when learning to code?

This GitHub page shares many projects that you just can develop to boost your programming skills, betting on your developer profile.

Developer Profile — GitHub Repository “App Ideas”

A great thanks to improve your portfolio!

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Public APIs

In the previous part, we talked a few repository to seek out some project ideas. Another good way to make cool projects is to use APIs.

In the below GitHub, you’ll find a curated list of free APIs that you just can use in your next application. All of them are categorized, and there’s something for everybody (from Art & Design APIs to Blockchain ones).

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Awesome Git

As you will know, at Flycode, we’re helping the merchandise teams work like software engineers using Git, and that we crush it!

What’s better than an inventory of Git tools, resources, and glossy things to end this post?

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