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As you become knowledgeable developer, you learn more to outsource and reuse things instead of writing code from scratch.

I have been within the web development industry since 2015(7 years once I am writing this).

I have worked in Corporate, as a freelancer, created SaaS, and also mentored aspirants.

And the only thing, I confine mind when creating an online app is, “do things that really matter and outsource the rest”.

I have seen most of the beginners trying to code the full website all by themselves.

That is not how it’s done. you would like to reuse the codes, tools created by others.

How do I create websites 10x faster?

I can create websites that satisfy the client, 10x faster than the time other developers take. and also the trick, tools i’m supplying you with are completely FREE.

I simply outsource and reuse almost 90% of things.

I simply outsource and reuse almost 90% of things.

The main thing is to possess a transparent understanding of the client’s requirements.

Once i’ve got a transparent understanding, I plan on finishing it by writing the smallest amount amount of code.

For that, I check the database of the tools, i’ve got collected over time. I see if any tool can satisfy the wants of the client.

Note: you’ll get the database of tools, i’ve got collected over time free here

Sometimes, the necessity of the client is so simple that, it will be done employing a CMS like WordPress, strapi, etc.

Sometimes, there’s an open-source project on GitHub same because the client’s requirements.

Sometimes, the old project module of mine becomes useful.

There are only some times, where i’ve got written code from scratch.

With all the no code, frameworks, tools available, writing code from scratch is almost a waste of your time.

Use frameworks

You don’t write code from scratch when creating a real-world application. There are a plethora of frameworks to use.


If you’re a python developer. there’s Django, Flask, etc for web development

There are ExpressJs, NestJs if you would like to use NodeJs.

Laravel, Zend Framework is for PHP.


There are frontend libraries like React, NextJs, VueJs for creating UI/UX of the web site.

There is also ChakraUI, TailwindCSS, etc for creating stylish components in your website.

What frameworks do is take care of all other things except the core app logic.

They provide routing functionality, authentication, caching, ORM, etc all packed within the framework itself, which makes it easy for a developer to start out writing apps.

The main takeaway from this text

  1. outsource everything
  2. reuse others code
  3. use frameworks
  4. use tools, libraries, etc
  5. never code from scratch

The code you’re trying to write down has already been written, tested over time, and prepared to be used.

So reuse that code, and save yourself time from writing your own version of buggy code.