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Today elon musk, is one of the most controversial person in the world in 2021, elon musk became time magazine’s person of the year and he deserves it because he is a person with so much power, that he can change humanity’s direction can take us to new heights at the same time, can destroy us as well articles about elon musk in india only talk about is he right wing or left wing? Will he bring back kanga or not? Will he bring back donald trump or not?

But i feel the issue is deeper than that this article has two parts in the first part we will know how elon musk can save the planet and in part two, how he can destroy us today we will know about his ambitious projects i assure you that many of you may not know about these projects after knowing these facts you yourself can decide if this person is a hero or villain the story is very interesting so please read this article till the end and if you liked the article then please share it with your freinds.

Elon Musk Is Superhero

Elon musk the superhero in every hero’s story there is one villain in today’s world, villain is not a person it is a system a system which gives power only in hands of few people amd abuses the majority elon musk has a superpower superpower of finding solutions with this power he has challenged systems how?


With the help of x. Com this is not a porn site it is a bank world’s banking system is flawed, slow. Charges more fees and provides less services so elon musk created the world’s first online bank which was able to do all banking work includig online transfer this was a revolution, because without that today’s amazon , flipkart were not possible. This x. Com became paypal in future in 2017, elon musk bought x. Com’s domain from paypal no one knows, what elon musk will do with this domain till now he just revealed that this domain has a lot of sentimental value to him moving on…


Everyone is fed up with today’s traffic so in 2013, elon musk wrote a paper of 50 pages where he had made a concept where in a tube without vacuum if we make trains without any friction then we can connect urban cities and reduce the travel time by 75% based on this paper virgin company made hyperloop which may be the future on connectivity mumbai pune hyperloop project is in progress in india which will make the journey from mumbai to pune in 25 mins this was elon musk’s idea our roads are packed because of traffic and there is no space for cars then lets go under the roads boring company is a tunneling company which will make tunnels in urban cities so that the road traffic will reduce we all know about tesla.

Solar City

But they have one another project called ‘solar city’ which wants to install solar panels all over the world through solar roofs from the sun to the earth we get so much of energy within one hour which we can use throughout the year today’s problem is that, capturing solar energy and storing it is difficult but if by default, we make our roof a solar panel itself then? What if solar panels are there on every building? Every house can create its own energy today,


Internet has connected us to the world a graphic designer based in sri lanka can make thumbnails for american youtubers on fiverr and earn money in dollars internet has given us location independence but everyone doesn’t have this independence today, the internet which we have at our home reaches us through such underwater cables such cables were not there on andaman islands till 2020 so, if you have gone there before 2020 you would have got 2g speed in 4g era but,

Now the infrastructure is there its government’s responsibility to make such infrastructure but, not every government fulfills it as a result even today, more than 25000 villages have no internet just think, if they are connected to the internet if they develop their own income source no one can stop india from going ahead not only india, many other countries have the same problem and elon musk wants to solve this problem with ‘starlink’ through starlink, satelite internet can reach the world that too with minimum infrastructure because maximum infrastructure won’t be on ground but in space more than 40000 satelites are already in space which can help internet reach a specific location without any cable elon musk is the one who is not making the next superhit app but is taking our human race forward


Neil degrasse tyson explains elon musk’s role quite nicely he says, elon doesn’t waste his time in making just making a multi billion dollar app he is finding actual problems and solving it it may be on road, space, under roads, or on the internet elon musk thinks if technology doesn’t move ahead then slowly it will be outdated people in eqypt were able to make pyramids 4000 years ago but they forgot this technique now india has a similar story so many inventions, techniques we had 1000’s of years ago which we have forgot now elon musk considers it his duty to push the human race forward he is convinced that we have to colonise the whole galaxy in the next few million years or else due to some reason this earth will die along with us but this is just half of the story

Elon Musk Is Supervillain

part two: elon musk the supervillain when the covid pandemic started many people had lost their income sources many people lost their jobs global economy was in danger at that time, stock prices of tesla rose by 700% elon musk’s net worth rose by $ 140 billion and suddenly he became the richest man of the world thats a lot of money from this money he bought twitter for $ 44 billion as soon as he joined,

Twitter layoffs

He fired its ceo and dissolved the whole board he wanted, that complete control must be in his hand only he fired around 3700 employees just by sending an email 180 out of 230 employees from twitter india were fired that is almost ruthless twitter is a platform which favours one-sided opinions and promotes them not only audience but advertisers too know about this bias advertisers want this divide from when elon musk has taken over twitter,

he says its ad revenue has decreased so he wants to introduce new options for monetisation firstly, twitter’s blue verification badge won’t be free from now people have to pay $8, no matter who you are second update for creators if you publish a video with your tweet, then people can pay you to watch the video these changes are interesting but these changes are a reminder for us that social media can change the rules of the game any time and we as users can just be a spectator this is not just twitter’s story there’s a theory that today,

Paypal Mafia

The world is controlled by paypal mafia in the start of this article, i had told you how elon started ‘x. Com’ which became paypal later in paypal’s early days, the people who made paypal, created other big companies later in future you must have heard some of those names linkedin, youtube, tesla, yelp, spacex all these together are known as paypal mafia it is said that “data is the new oil” one who will control your data in 21st century he will control the whole world if this is true, just think how powerful these few people are, who are in this photo and the dangerous thing is that they are friends is it just me or even you feel that this looks like a supervillain’s team the data which we provide is fine,


But what about the data which our brain will provide without our consent ‘neuralink’ is their most ambitious and the most supervillain like project which is fine if used for something good but if misused, then it will be the end of the world.

Neuralink is an interface which will collect data straight from your brain and connect it to a machine this research will be very useful for treatment of paralysis people who have lost their body parts, for them this chip can be very useful but when we connect our brains straight to a computer then what information this chip transfers we can have no control on it this information could be our secrets, our passwords, our entire life it seems, elon musk is becoming the owner of such a system against which he was fighting throughout his life so in part one of this article, we came to know that elon musk is ambitious and he can take any kind of risk for humanity’s survival and in part two,

we came to know how he can become ruthless in this pursuit of excellence combination of both these qualities is deadly listen to any supervillain’s dialogues, you will for sure find logic in it when thanos says that resources are limited and population is in excess then yes, he is right when joker says that media dictates what is right and wrong then he makes sense too still we call them villains because their approach is wrong when we talk about elon musk,

We have two distinct personalities in front of us a person who is taking us from fossil fuels to electric cars bringing a revolution a person who wants to solve the traffic problem a person who is making rockets which can be reused and on the other side is a ruthless man who, after becomeing the owner of twitter doesn’t hesitate terminating his employees by just an email like they say, absolute power corrupts absolutely you see,

superhero and supervillain are usually super because they have an extraordinary power but they become hero or villain based on how they use that power to make the world better or to destroy it if you got any value from this article, then do share it with your friends and do you feel elon musk is a hero or a villain? Tell us in the comments below because in 21st century we have to be careful about people whom we are giving power because their decisions matter to us

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