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If you’re a python beginner and completed the playlist of your favorite YouTuber who taught you the Python and finished the curriculum but you don’t understand how to practice coding at your own now, then the most effective thing you’ll do is figure on some real time python projects.

But before happening the project ideas let’s discuss why you would like to create python projects?

MASTER THE CONCEPT OF PROGRAMMING:- With real work projects you’ll be able to do continuous practice so you’ll master the concepts and patterns of programming in several languages.

PRACTICE FOR THE CODING ROUND:- Big tech companies always takes a coding test of the applied scientist they’re visiting hire and a decent code can facilitate your to get good marks and you’ll take a step ahead from your competitors.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY:- In coding round for large companies placement process developers gets very less time for completing the given project so, making globe projects can facilitate your to extend your coding efficiency.

Now, let’s speak about the python projects you’ll try as a beginner:-


As by the name, this interesting python project will generate a random number (Rolls the dice) anytime program runs. After running the program it’ll generate a random number between 1 to six. the quantity will then be exhibited to the user. this can be a awfully basic program through which you’ll learn programming fundamentals.


this can be one in every of the top-listed python projects utilized by beginner developers world-wide for mastering python basics of this project you’ll use concepts like strings, char, variables, random, integer, input and output and in fact boolean. within the game, user should enter letter guesses and every user will have a limited number of guesses.


Everyone needs a robust password that’s uncrackable by any hacker so why don’t you create a password generator for yourself that generates a random password including char, string, float, special symbols. during this project RANDOM module are going to be wont to randomly generated a password when user enter what proportion character they require within the password.


Tires of using 3rd party websites for downloading YT videos then why not create your very own YT video downloader. Here you’ll create an app with simple UI using TKINTER module with the flexibility to download YT videos in several formats and quality. i do know this looks a touch complicated but it’ll take no time when you’ll start developing it.


This python project will allow you to understand that how a notification works. This app will run on your system and send you a bit of data everytime the system reflects a notification. you’ll be able to use NOTIFY2, REQUESTS or more libraries to make this sort of program.
So, these are my top 5 picks of python projects for beginners for learning python efficiently and during a happy manner.

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