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Coding isn’t easy, specially CSS, So during this article I’m visiting show you some gaming websites that challenges you to unravel a difficulty the fun way.

The reason why you ought to learn new skills or level up your knowledge the fun way, is because you’re visiting trick your brain to find out something new, that’s why I always say:

“Have fun with coding!
So let’s get into the list of some online games to boost your Web Development skills…

1. Coding Fantasy

Level up your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills by playing games this website provide.

2. Grid Gritters

CSS grid is one among the difficult parts of CSS to master and also one in all the boring part. This website will facilitate your master CSS Grid the fun way.

3. CodeCombat

Learn programming with a multiplayer live coding strategy game for beginners.

4. Knights of the Flexbox

Tailwind could be a CSS framework and one in all the foremost used nowadays, if you would like to practice your CSS and Tailwind, this website is that the place to dig in.

5. CSSBattle

A global CSS challenges website, earn a World-wide reward by solving the issues!

7. CSS Challenges

Challenge yourself, improve your CSS skills and learn new tricks on a daily basis.

6. Coding Games

A challenge-based training platform for programmers where you’ll be able to improve your coding skills the fun way.

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