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If you are starting on the journey to becoming a Front End Developer, once you get the basics down, you might want to develop projects as the best way to learn any skill is to try creating something hands-on. This article is for anyone trying to take their skills to the next level, as well as for people who is at a loss for project ideas.

Here are five project ideas to help you out, according to no order.

1. Real-Time Chat App

A Real-Time chat application sends and shows messages to a recipient instantly without any page refresh.

This is a very lucrative project to have in your portfolio as it showcases that you have experience working with real-time data as well as authentication. If you are a Full-Stack Developer, you might also want to create the backend for the application for some extra brownie points in the eyes of the person checking it out.

2. E-Commerce Store

E-commerce stores allow users to buy and sell goods or services using the internet and transfers money and data to execute these transactions.

This project also involves authentication as well as keeping track of a user’s previous orders, cart, etc. resulting in a complex project, which tells the viewer you can solve complex development problems.

3. Weather Report App

A Weather Report App provides the user with current weather details and forecasts as well for the future.

This project is probably the easiest one on the list. You only need to use a third-party API like Open Weather Map or Weather API. It shows the viewer that you can work with external APIs.

4. Cross-Platform App

Cross-Platform Applications are apps developed to function on multiple Operating Systems from the same code base.

Being well adapted at Cross-Platform Development is highly in demand these days as companies want to reduce the cost involved in application development, and what’s a better way to do it than make an application once and use it on several platforms?

5. Personal Portfolio

Since you just completed 4 projects mentioned above, you will definitely need a place to showoff how cool your projects are. Personal Portfolio is the go-to place to do just that, you can also list out your experience, achievements, and any other relevant information.

If you have a desire to build your personal brand, then a website that can promote your work is a must. This is just the place you can bring out your inner artist and design it to your heart’s content. Not an artistic person? Draw ideas from templates or simply use one.