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May 27, 2009 an open source runtime environment was released. Node js revolutionized server-side applications and made countless impossibilities a reality. Now there’s a brand new kid on the block.

Who is that this new kid ?
Bun (and before you ask yes all the cool names have already been taken ) may be a new open source runtime environment created by Jared Sumner and over 40 contributors. This nerdy looking runtime environment really packs a punch.

According to its creator it absolutely was made to:

Start fast

Have new levels of performance

To be an excellent and complete tool.

On its beta release it’s creator made a claim to be an incredibly fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime.

How fast you ask?

Here are the benchmark performances of Bun compared to Node JS and Deno.

Take an instant to soak in those numbers. And yes its legit well a minimum of in step with Bun they’re . it’s not wealthy for deno but i’m sure Ryan Dahl and therefore the team at deno have something up their sleeve.

How does it work?

Well Node Js uses V8 engine and has made it an excellent tool due to JIT (Just In Time) compilation. Now Bun uses the JavaScript Core which is taken into account to be faster. it absolutely was also written during a low level language Zig which is like C and Rust had a baby. Low level control of memory and lack of hidden control flow are the features of Zig that make Bun as fast because it is


Native bundler that replaces Web Pack

Transpiler that permits TypesScript to be written out of the box

Task runner

npm client

Automatically loaded environment variable (bye bye require(“dotenv”).load()).

Native Test runner

90% of the Node API functions

I don’t think it can regain than this.

It is worth noting that since its a brand new tool it’ll be buggy. it’ll be best to use a WSL ( Windows Subsystem for Linux)

The introduction of Bun will certainly be a dream come true for several developers. However will this tool stand the test of your time or become the subsequent Windows 8. Hopefully not.