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AWS Free Tier

How to SignUp to the AWS platform

  • Firstly visit the website
  • The following screen appears after opening the website, then click on the Create A Free Account to create an account and fill the required details.
  • The following screen appears after clicking on the “Create a free account” button. If you are an already existing user of an AWS account, then enter the email address of your AWS account otherwise “sign up for aws “.
  • On clicking on the “sign up for aws” button, the following screen appears that requires some fields to be filled by the user.
  • Now, fill your contact information.
  • After providing the contact information, fill your payment information.
  • After providing your payment information, confirm your identity by entering your phone number and security check code, and then click on the “Contact me” button.
  • AWS will contact you to verify whether the provided contact number is correct or not.
  • When number is verified, then the following message appears on the screen.
  • The final step is the confirmation step. Click on the link to log in again; it redirects you to the “Management Console”.